An immersive theatre experience

Join us as we occupy the Brick Box Rooms and create a 70's arts commune.

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Who's who?

What sort of people can you expect to find in a 1970s radical arts commune?

Meet the characters

A point in time

The 1970s was a time of great political and social change, which forms the background to the play.

The 1970s landscape

It’s the heady days of the early 70s and a band of artists and musicians seize an old disused pub in the heart of the city. They not only want to change the world, but believe they MUST, and need a HQ for revolutionary ideas to take shape.

They take inspiration from the happenings and the experimental arts scene of the 60s, of the Paris riots, the Black Panthers, civil rights and Northern Ireland, anti-Vietnam war and ban the bomb marches, with the passionate women’s and gay liberation movements demanding to finally be heard.

But in the background of this exciting moment in time, politicians and the tabloids stoke fears of immigration, the National Front is on the rise and social unrest is spreading.

In this spirit, Bent Architect will take over The Old Crown and invite you to join their cause for one night, to wander through this space and time, to meet characters whose lives were transformed - in some cases saved - by this momentous period of change.

This Space Is Occupied explores and celebrates a pivotal moment when our city was at the forefront of the experimental arts & radical politics scene. It will be heartfelt yet deeply irreverent, asking how far have we really come on so many important issues...
... and what happens next?


This Space is Occupied

A thrilling new performance for May 2018 will take over the Brick Box Rooms (formerly The Old Crown on Ivegate) to recreate an early 70’s communal squat occupied by a radical arts collective.

A site-specific professional and community theatre event in, for and with Bradford, which celebrates a moment when Bradford was at the cutting edge of radical arts, theatre & activism, when squatters ruled the streets and believed they could and would change the world.

And in many ways they did!

Audiences are invited to enter this world and explore the Happenings, the music, laughter, trials and tribulations of a group of anarchist artists who want to bring about a new world order.

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This Space is Occupied will only be performed on May 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th, 31st and June 1st and 2nd. Make sure you don't miss out.